For nearly a decade, Bellridge has been providing integrated IT solutions to institutions throughout Australia and New Zealand. Widely known for their ease-of-use, affordability and high level performance; SMEs, large enterprises, non-for-profits and government organisations across all industries have benefited from the solutions Bellridge can likewise offer you.

We are focused on providing the highest level of service to our customers through our experience and expertise; and can offer help with every aspect of your IT investment, including:

  • Pre and post sales support and new products enquiries
  • Pre and post technical support
  • License renewals and upgrades
  • Professional Services, including implementation, customisation and training.

To this end, Bellridge has offices in Sydney and Auckland, so that we are the solution if your organisation needs local support and Professional Services when and where it's best for you. We look forward to working with your IT team and supporting your company to achieve its business and IT goals.

We do what Henry Ford thought...

“Coming together is a beginning.
           Keeping together is progress.
                    Working together is success.“