Technical Support

Bellridge provides its customers with telephone and email support (during business hours) for evaluation assistance and problem resolution including:

  • clarification of functions and features
  • clarification of documentation
  • problem diagnosis and correction 

All new Bellridge customers are entitled to 30 days of installation assistance. To be entitled for extended technical assistance beyond this time, customers must hold a current Annual Subscription license or a current Annual Maintenance and Support agreement. Expanded support and on-site technical assistance is available upon request and in accordance with our professional services policy.

Bellridge customers with current Annual Subscription licenses or current Annual Maintenance and Support agreements are entitled to: 

  • software updates
  • online access to technical documentation
  • telephone and email technical support

Technical Support Request Form

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Contact Information

For technical support:

+61 2 8904 0172 (AUS)

+64 9 985 6549 (NZ)

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